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Thou hast returned!
I am so happy you have come back to my world.
I have been very busy exploring my home lately, I found a journal that tells a story about the origin of this caslte and
how it was built a long time ago by a powerful sorcerer. whose name has long been forgotten. This sorcerer was very
much in Love with a beautiful Princess. Her name was Anastasia. The sorcerer wanted to spend eternity with Anastasia,
so he built this castle as a gift for the princess. Now, the princess wanted to be sure the sorcerer really Loved her, so
she told him it would take more then a castle to win her Love.
The sorcerer spent many a long day trying to come up with something that would prove his Love for Anastasia.
As the sorcerer drifted off to sleep one night, he had a dream of a majestic animal that looked as a horse, but had
a beard as that of a goat and a long spiral horn protruding from its head. In the dream, this animal spoke to the sorcerer
The animal called itself a Unicorn and told the sorcerer of a spell that would turn a special horse into a Unicorn.
The Unicorn told the sorcerer to find a white male horse with a heart shaped mark on its mane and recite the spell he
was given. The horse would turn into a Unicorn and have magic powers to heal and protect the pure of heart.
The sorcerer awoke from his strange dream and made preparations to set out in search of the horse that would be
transformed into a Unicorn. Then he would give this unique creature to the Princess as proof of his eternal Love for
The sorcerer met with Anastasia and told her he was about to embark on a quest to prove his Love for her.
She wished him well as he rode off into the distance. After many years of searching and failing to find the one horse
that bears the mark, the sorcerer had all but given up hope. The sorcerer was tired and weak and far away from
home, he just stood next to his horse with his head hung low, when he saw out of the corner of his eye, a tiny heart
shaped mole on the neck of his own horse.
All these years of searching and the marked beast was right under him the whole time. He spoke the words that were
given him in the dream so long ago, and in the blink of an eye his horse had transformed into a beautiful Unicorn.
The Unicorn was even more majestic than the one in the dream.
The sorcerer and Unicorn left at once for home, and unfortunately that is all that I have found on this legend so far.
I wonder if the Princess and the sorcerer ever got together? Perhaps I will find the answer to that somewhere in this
I did find a hidden room where there are portraits of a Unicorn and the painting of a man. I believe the man is the sorcerer
and the Unicorn is the very first Unicorn in the world.
Would you like to see them?



Follow me to the hidden room........Right This Way   


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