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Hi! Welcome back.
I suppose you want to hear more of our story?
Well then, where did I leave off? Our Unicorn had fulfilled its first task.
Of course, Anastasia and the sorcerer were soon wed, and now was
the time to populate the world with more Unicorns. Since there was only one
Unicorn this would be a problem. So a few days after Anastasia and her
husband had celebrated their honeymoon the Unicorn approached them
and instructed the sorcerer to seek out a female horse with a rose shaped scar
on her body and recite the same spell that tranformed the first Unicorn.
Anastasia knew this quest would take many months or even years. She could
not bear to be apart from her beloved for such a long time. Anastasia
insisted on joining her husband on this quest, He warned Anastasia that it
would be a difficult journey, but she would not relent!
So after preparations were made, they departed for the southern most region
of the world.

Would like like something to eat before I continue the story?



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