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The Unicorn had not traveled with the sorcerer and Anastasia, the journal
does not explain why. The happy couple traveled the land for many months
before finally reaching the southern forest of serenity.
The sorcerer describes this forest as filled with unusually large trees which
bear bright red pear shaped berries. Legend has it that if a man and his wife
partake of these berries, they will be bound to each other till the end of time!
Natually, the sorcerer and Anastasia picked some berries and each ate some.
Nothing happened, but each one knew in their heart that the legend was true
and they would be together for all eternity.
It was getting late in the day and so the sorcerer set up camp for the night.
Nightfall came, and with it both the sorcerer and Anastasia slept in each others
arms and dreampt of the beautiful new Unicorn that would soon be a part of this



Make a Wish to Continue


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