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Welcome back to my home.
Let's continue our story! Both Anastasia and the sorcerer asked the Unicorn
to tell them about the tower. The Unicorn, who's name by the way is Galaina,
proceeded to tell of the legend of the tower of Serenity for which this forest
is named....."A very long time ago, an angel had appeared in the forest and gathered
all of the horses and smaller animals of the world to this place. She then told of
time when a new creature would populate the world, and this new creature would be
called a Unicorn. This new animal would have the intelligence and compassion
greater than that of men and would herald a time of peace and contentment in
the world. The Unicorn would be one with the earth.
Ok, so what does all this have to do with the may ask?
The angel had constructed the tower as a shrine to the Unicorn. Remember the strange
writing on the base of the tower? It is a language that only the Unicorn can
understand. The writing on the tower explains how to enter it. It takes two Unicorns
of one mind and one heart to open the hidden door on the tower.
Once the Unicorns enter the tower, all the knowledge of the heavens will be available
to them.
The Unicorns will use this knowledge to guide man and help him to become one with
nature. Galaina was eager to return to the castle and meet her mate.
So Anastasia, the sorcerer, and Galaina left for home.
After many months of travel, they finally reached the castle where the male Unicorn
awaited their arrival.
Galaina and the male Unicorn stayed with Anastasia and the sorcerer for a few
seasons and then departed for the forest of Serenity to begin the task of populating
the world with Unicorns and intervening in the affairs of men.

That is about all the journal has to tell. There are a few pages missing, but maybe
I will find them while searching the rest of my home!
I hope you have enjoyed this story and will come back soon to visit me and
learn more about these wonderful Unicorns.

Princess Stacey



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