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Okay, now we can return to our story!
The ice storm continued through the night and all through the next day. Arianna had given up all hope of the Unicorns return.
But late that night when the full moon was high, the storm suddenly stopped and just as suddenly, she heard the Unicorns
voice in her mind........"Come to the window" He told her. She walked over to the window and looked down to see that the
storm and winds had formed a ramp made of ice from her window to the ground. Even the slotted window had become
larger as the wind had caused the ice and snow to erode the stones making it possible for Arianna to squeeze through.
The Unicorn told Arianna to hurry before the king comes up to check on her. Arianna wrapped herself in a blanket and
squeezed through the window and slid down the ice ramp. The Unicorn kneeled before her and told her to climb onto his
back. Their journey lasted three days and three nights. Finally, they stopped in a clearing deep in the wood.
Arianna looked around and saw nothing. She asked the Unicorn when this secret admirer would reveal himself?
The Unicorn turned toward her and explained that first she must prove herself to the prince. "But how do I prove myself
to someone I haven't yet met?" she asked. The Unicorn snorted and then replied. "Answer this question......Are you untouched
by all others?"
"yes, I am" she replied. "Will you lay down your life for the one you Love?" He asked.
"Yes I will" she said. "Will you swear an oath to protect the Unicorn race as long as you live and breathe?"
"Yes, I swear it" she promised. The Unicorn then told Arianna that she may now meet the prince.
The Unicorn turned and started toward a path away from the clearing, and Arianna was now left by herself awaiting the
prince. The Unicorn had returned with a man at his side. The man was wearing a black cloak and hood, so Arianna could
not see what he looked like. As they came closer, Arianna could see the mans green eyes peeking out from behind his hood.
He had stopped a few feet from her and reached into his cloak to offer her the most beautiful red rose she had ever seen.

I am very tired as it has been a very long day, so I will say goodnight to you now. Perhaps you can come back soon and I will
tell you the rest of this story.

 Princess Stacey



Make a Wish 



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