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Welcome back to my home, I am glad you have returned so soon. Please make yourself comfortable and I will tell you
more of the story about Arianna and the Unicorn.
The prince had just offered Arianna a red rose. Arianna had reached out to accept the rose, and when she touched it, the
rose turned pure white. The prince now removed his cloak and hood and smiled warmly at Arianna. The prince was extremely
handsome with his green eyes and black hair and beard. He introduced himself as prince Xaviar of Stonetower.
He explained to Arianna that the rose had turned white because she was pure of heart and soul. He asked her to return with
him to the castle Stonetower. Naturally, she said yes! The prince, Arianna, and the Unicorn began the long journey to the castle.
Their trek took almost three weeks, most of which Xaviar and Arianna talked and shared stories of each of their lives.
Arianna learned that the prince was actually the son of Anastasia and the Sorcerer, whose name the prince would not reveal.
He told her all about his mother and how she met the Sorcerer and befriended all the Unicorns of the world.
As they walked, the castle Stonetower could be seen getting nearer and nearer. By nightfall, they had finally reached the castle.
Once inside, Arianna could not help but stare in awe at all the Unicorn portraits that hung on every wall. Xaviar took Arianna
on a tour of the castle to show her some of the wonders of the Unicorn race.
Both were getting tired and so Xaviar showed Arianna her room and then retired to his.

Will you excuse me for a little while, I must attend to one of my guests. I will be right back!

 Princess Stacey



Make a Wish 



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