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Please come in and make yourself at home, and I will continue our story.

Morning came, and Xaviar and Arianna started thier journey east to find the king.
It was a long trek and took them many months to reach the kings land. Summer was nearly over, and Xaviar
explained to Arianna that they would have to spend the winter months here as it would be too treacherous
to travel back to his own castle during the frequent and dangerous snow storms. They made camp in the forest
for the night and slept under the stars. The morning greeted them with armed soldiers standing over them. One of the
men asked Xavier what he was doing on the kings land, to which he replied "I have come to seek an audience with
the king on a matter of great importance". "I am known as Prince Xaviar and this is my companion, Princess Arianna".
"We have traveled from the lands to the west of here called the Forest of Dreams". The soldier thought of this for a while,
and told Xaviar and Arianna to follow them back to the Kings castle. By midday they reached the Kings castle, where they
were shown to a room to clean up before seeing the King. Finally, a young man had entered their room and announced that
the King would now see them. The Kings throne room was adorned with gold and jewels as well as his throne which sat in
the center of the room. The King motioned for them to come nearer, Arianna was the first to curtsy before the King and Xaviar
knelt on one knee before the King as was the customary way to pay respect to royalty. "I am King Orious, welcome to
my kingdom, and you sir, what is your name?". "I am called, Xaviar, Prince of the Forest of Dreams, and this is Princess
Arianna". Xaviar replied. After exchanging stories about each of their kingdoms, Xaviar went on to explain why he and
the Princess had journeyed to see the King. As he told King Orious about the Unicorns and how he had sworn an oath
to protect them, a hooded man had burst into the room. The man lowered his hood and told the King he came to warn him
about the prophesy regarding the Unicorns. King Orious demanded an explanation of this mans insolence. The man identified
himself as Mardrake of the castle mardrake just south of the kings land. "Please forgive my lack of proper invitation your
majesty, but I have news of the prophesy." he told the King.

Oh my, I must go! The Unicorns require my immediate attention. Please come back and see me soon and I will finish the

 Princess Stacey



Make a Wish 



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