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Welcome back to my home, it has been forever since your last visit!

Since your last visit I have discovered so much information on my ancestors, yes, Anastasia, and her husband,
Arianna and Xavier, they were my ancestors!
You see, while searching the castle for more of its secrets, I found a diary written by my great grandmother, the
Princess Kalina. It is a large diary and some of the pages are difficult to read being as how they're over a hundred
years old, but I have been able to reconstruct most of her entries.

So, if you are ready….. I'll tell you about my family!
First, the mystery of Anastasia's husbands name is finally solved! Are you ready? The Sorcerer whose name has
long been forgotten is "Avital" of the castle Absolom.
Avital was one of the oldest men on earth and it was rumored that he lived over a thousand years. Even Anastasia
never knew Avital's true age.

There will be more to tell you about Avital later, as I know you can't wait to hear about Princess Kalina.
Our story begins one hundred and twenty three years after Arianna married Xavier. Keep in mind that sorcerers
live much longer than ordinary people and the wife of a sorcerer will also live a longer than usual life as well.
My father once told me that there are spells that can be cast to slow down aging. Arianna gave birth to a girl child
who Xavier named Kalina. Kalina grew up to be a very beautiful young woman. The diary describes her as being
taller than most women and having long black hair and dark green eyes. She also had many of the natural gifts of a
sorceress. Kalina spent most of her days in the great tower with the unicorns being taught of all the unicorn history
and legends.

On the eve of Kalina's seventeenth birthday, she had a dream that she would soon meet a mysterious sorcerer and
he would make her his wife, but not before a terrible event will take place. Unfortunately, the dream did not reveal
what this event will be or when it will happen. Kalina had the most wonderful birthday party that a young woman
could ask for. The surrounding kingdoms had sent gifts and treasures as well as potential suitors hoping for her hand in
marriage. Kalina had not yet told anyone of her dream but still kept a watchful eye for the mysterious sorcerer.
But alas, it was not yet time to meet her future betrothed!

A week after her birthday, Kalina called on Shamira, one of the elder unicorns to escort her to a part of her fathers
kingdom she had never been to before. Shamira, whose name means "protector" was the perfect choice for this
journey as Kalina knew there were always unexpected dangers in the forest.

In no time at all, Shamira came to Kalina and they soon departed. It took them almost a full day to get to the area
Xavier called the "extra conscious garden". It is said that if a sorcerer finds a black rose in the garden, he must eat
the petals and then the future will be revealed to him. Kalina was not sure if it would work on a sorceress, but decided
to try it anyway!

Shamira stood watch as Kalina entered the garden to find a black rose. It did not take long before Kalina spotted a
tiny black rose hidden amongst the weeds. Kalina then plucked a few of the flowers petals and walked back to a small
clearing in the garden and sat down. Kalina recited a spell of protection and then cleared her mind of all distractions,
after a while of sitting in perfect silence she ate the rose petals and waited.


"Please forgive me, I must excuse myself for a time" Princess Stacey said. "I will return soon to continue the story"




Make A Wish   


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