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Hello, I am glad to see you have returned!
While you were away I continued my search of the castle. I found a few more pages
of the sorcerers journal. Are you ready to find out what happened after the sorcerer
turned his horse into a Unicorn?
Ok! The sorcererer had set out to return to his home and give Anastasia the Unicorn.
If this beautiful creature did not prove his Love to her, then he would surely give up.
It took many months to make the journey home and along the way he had many conversations
with the Unicorn, you see, Unicorns have great magical powers including the ability
to communicate with humans without having to speak aloud.
I have never heard of Unicorns speaking to humans before, but I suppose that there
was a very special bond between the Unicorn and the sorcerer.
Anyway, getting back to the story...........The Unicorn told of many wonders in the world.
The sorcerer learned of many new spells and how to heal and communicate with nature.
It was a warm afternoon when he arrived at Anastasia's castle. She must have known he
returned because she had left the great doors open and was waiting in the entryway as he
made his way into the castle with the Unicorn.
After greeting the sorcerer she turned to the Unicorn and without hesitation, she stroked the
long silver spiral horn. Anastasia was filled with..............
Oh my! It's getting very late, can you come back another time and i'll tell you the rest of the story!



Make a Wish 



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