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Hi! I'm so glad you came back to hear more about Anastasia and the sorcerer.
Now where did I leave off......Oh!, I remember now!
Anastasia had stroked the Unicorns magical horn and was instantly filled with
an overwelming feeling of peace and tranquility.
This feeling was so intense that Anastasia started to cry. Of course, these were
tears of joy. And as Anastasia turned to look at the sorcerer, she knew that he was
her one true Love.
The sorcerer moved closer to Anastasia to steal a kiss. Their lips came together and
tongues intertwined creating a magical bond of eternal Love between them.
The Unicorn was pleased that Anastasia and the sorcerer had finally realized their
Well! I have some errands to do, so I'll have to take my leave of you now.
Come back real soon and I will tell more of the legend of the first Unicorn and the
Sorcerer and Anastasia!

Princess Stacey




Make a Wish 


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