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As night descended upon the world, the sorcerer and Anastasia had set up their
camp once again and quickly drifted off to sleep. All of the horses had encircled
the camp and stood watch over them through the night.
The next morning, the sorcerer started checking each horse for the rose shaped mark.
After what seemed like a lifetime, he found the mark.
This mare was pure white with a mane of extra long hair. Just behind her left ear was
a perfect image of a pink rose in full bloom.
He called over to Anastasia to see the mare, then began to cast the magical spell.
In the blink of an eye the mare turned into a beautiful Unicorn and as with the first
Unicorn, this one could communicate to the sorcerer through his mind too!
And now, it would seem that Anastasia could also talk to the Unicorn.
The sorcerer thought that maybe the berries they shared earlier might actually have
worked. So there really is an eternal bond between us, thought Anastasia!
The first question that came to the sorcerers mind was to find out more about the tower.

I need to take a break for awhile, perhaps you will return later.

Princess Stacey



Make a Wish to Continue


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