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Welcome back! It has been so long since i've had guests. Please come in and sit with me, I have found
another secret room with another story about a Unicorn and a virgin Princess.
This story takes place a hundred and fifty years after the Sorcerer and Anastasia found the great tower
of the Unicorn. In the Castle Stonebrook there lived a King whose wife had died giving birth to his beautiful
daughter Arianna. Because of his great loss, he forbade Arianna from straying outside the castle walls for fear
that he might lose her too. This went on for many years and even though Arianna had become a very beautiful
young woman, the King still had fears of losing her to tragedy. Arianna would sometimes sit in her room and stare
out into the vast forest and dream of the wonders that might lie beyond the boundaries of her fathers kingdom.
One day while Arianna was brushing her long blonde hair, she heard the hoof beats of an approaching horse.
She ran to the window and looked for who it might be, imagining that a tall handsome prince had come to ask
the king for her hand in marriage. And then the two of them would ride out past the forest and spend the rest of
their lives sharing many adventures. As she looked out the window as far as she could see, there was nothing.
This happened many times for the next couple of months, and Arianna became very depressed and started wondering
if all of this was just her imaginings. She had even consulted her father about these imaginations, but he would only
tell her that the forest was known for mimicking the sounds of many different creatures and to pay them no mind.
One day as the morning sun was rising, Arianna was awakened once again by the sound of hoof beats as well as
the snorting sound a horse often makes. She approached her bedroom window slowly, as she leaned out past the windows
opening she saw this most incredible beast. It resembled a horse only much larger and its hair was black as a moonless night.
But the most unusual thing about this horse was the brilliant white spiraled horn sticking out of the middle of its head.
Arianna had never seen such an animal before, The unicorn and Arianna just stared at each other for what seemed an eternity.
Just then, the king had entered Arianna's room and startled her, she had turned back toward the window, but the unicorn
was gone. The king had asked Arianna what caught her eye. She told him about the magnificent beast that had wandered
into the castle grounds. The king was a very learned man and remembered hearing of stories about a horse with a single
horn on its head. He told Arianna about the Sorcerer and Anastasia and the beast called a Unicorn. Arianna was now sure
that the creature she had seen was in fact, a real Unicorn.

Would you like some tea? I will brew some for us and then we will learn more of Arianna and her Unicorn.



Make a Wish 



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