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This tea is quite good, don't you agree?
Now, where was I, oh yes, for the next couple of days, Arianna had spent most of her time at her bedroom window, in hopes
of seeing the Unicorn again. On the third day just as the sun had started to rise in the morning sky, Arianna was awakened
once again by the sound of the Unicorns hoof beats approaching the castle. She hurried to the window and there he was, the
black Unicorn! The Unicorn had stopped just short of her bedroom window and in his mouth there was a single red rose which
he gently laid on the ground and then stepped away.
Suddenly, Arianna heard this voice inside her head telling her the rose is a gift from a secret admirer, and in three days the
Unicorn would be back to take her to him.. Arianna was just about to ask the Unicorn to tell her more, when he turned and
trotted off into the forest. Arianna went to see her father and told him about the Unicorn and the rose. The king, realising that
his daughter was soon going to leave him in search of this secret admirer turned away and began thinking of a way to stop her
from leaving the castle. He was sure that this quest of hers would only lead to disaster.
The king was a good man and truly believed he was saving his beloved daughter from harm, and so he decided to lock her up in
one of the castles towers. That very night he asked Arianna to come see a treasure he had found in one of the tower rooms.
Arianna had no idea that her father planned to imprison her and followed him up to the room in the castle tower. Once there, he
instructed her to close her eyes and enter the room. As soon as she entered the room, he shut and locked the door. She cried out
but the king told her this was for her own good. Her new room was small and had only a small slot for a window. She knew there
would be no way for her to leave with the Unicorn when he returned. For two days Arianna just sat by the window and cried, knowing
that she would never meet her admirer.
Finally, the Unicorn arrived as promised. Arianna yelled to the Unicorn and explained to him that her father, the king had imprisoned
her. The Unicorn stood silent for a time.......And just as he had before, spoke to her in her mind. He told her that he would return
and rescue her, but she must wait till the winter moon is full and high in the night sky. With that, he turned and ran into the forest.
Arianna knew that the winter moon was three months away. But knowing that her Unicorn would return and take her away made
each day tolerable. Winter had finally arrived and Arianna knew the time was near. The night before the full moon there was a terrible
ice storm. The wind howled fiercely outside and the snow was so thick, Arianna could not see beyond her window. She started to cry
again thinking that this would prevent the Unicorn from coming, let alone rescue her.

Would you like more tea? and perhaps something to eat? You must be starving by now! I will return with some tea and cakes......



Make a Wish 



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