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I'm back, may I continue with my story? Ok, then.
Arianna awoke at first light, she went downstairs and found Xaviar sitting in his study, apparently deep in concentration.
He did not even notice Arianna enter the room. She spoke to him to break his trance, as he turned to face her, a red rose
appeared in his hand which he offered to her. "I suppose that like your father, you are a sorcerer too?" She asked.
He did not answer, but just smiled at her. "There is a problem near the great tower that may effect the well being of
the Unicorns and I must take my leave today." He told her. "I would be honored if you would accompany me?"
Arianna didn't hesitate, she was so excited to see more Unicorns. After preparing supplies for the journey, they departed.
It only took a day to get to the tower. Arianna had never seen anything as magnificent as the Unicorn Tower, It was so majestic
standing there reaching up to the heavens amongst the redwoods of the forest. Xaviar knelt down by the base of the tower and
raising his hands began speaking a language that Arianna had never heard of before. Before long, thunder clouds had formed
all around the tower and then, an opening appeared in the side of the tower just in front of Xaviar. Xaviar motioned for Arianna
to follow him into the tower. Once inside, Arianna could hardly believe her eyes. There, in front of her was an endless forest with
a lake complete with waterfall. Xaviar made a strange whistling sound and within minutes hundreds, maybe thousands of Unicorns
appeared before him. There were Unicorns of many different colors and sizes, all of whom had gathered around them and sat down
waiting for the prince to speak. All at once there was silence, the prince had greeted all the Unicorns and then introduced Arianna.
The Unicorns remained silent for a time........... Then a large white Unicorn stood up and welcomed Arianna into their world.
The Unicorn spoke through her mind as did the first Unicorn she had met back at her fathers castle. Xaviar asked the Unicorn why
he had been summoned to the great tower. "There is a King from the east who has sworn an oath to hunt down every Unicorn and
put it to death". he told them. "This King believes that a single Unicorn will take his throne and steal his great wealth. Since the King
does not know which Unicorn will do this deed, he decided it would be safer to just kill us all". Xaviar thought about this for a time, and
finally asked, "How may I be of service to the Unicorn race?" The Unicorn told him that he must go to thisKing and convince him that
what he believes is a lie. "I have sworn an oath to defend the Unicorn race with my life, so I will depart at once. I will return when I
have accomplished my task." Xaviar assured the Unicorn. Xaviar and Arianna spent that night in the great tower. By now, Arianna had
begun to fall in Love with Xaviar. They slept in each others arms while the Unicorns kept watch over them.

It's getting late and I must get my Beauty rest, you know. Please come back soon and I will read some more to you.

 Princess Stacey



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