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Ok,  I'm back,

Unicorns, as you know, are very nimble and like to play.  Kalina tried to beat Lysandra back to the encampment, but Lysandra would just taunt her by running around in circles in front of Kalina and then stopping for a second until Kalina would catch up, then she would run ahead again and start running in circles all over again.  It didn't take them long to reach the camp, where all the Unicorns were awake and ready to continue on to their new home.
Katriel was the first to see Kalina running to the camp.  Katriel had seen something different in Kalina for the first time in many months.....Kalina was smiling and appeared to be happy!   Kalina and Lysandra saw Katriel and both ran toward her.  Katriel asked Kalina what it was that made her so happy this morning?   "I have the most wonderful news, Katriel,  My father and mother came to me in a dream last night."  "Our journey will end in three and all the Unicorns will be home!"

Kalina instructed all the Unicorns to follow her as she continued to head north to the wood with no name.
As told by her mother, they reached the great river on the third day.  It was a truly beautiful place with trees and flowers that neither Kalina or any of the Unicorns had ever seen before.  Kalina instructed Katriel to gather all the Unicorns together, for she had an important message to give.
Katriel signaled the unicorns to remain silent so that Kalina could speak to them.  Kalina motioned for Katriel to stand before her and presented the book her father had given her to Katriel.   "My father, King Xavier had summoned the fates to create this living book for the Unicorn race and instructed me to present it to the eldest of the female Unicorns upon the completion of our journey."  She spoke to Katriel.   "Are you the Eldest?"     Katriel responded,  "I am the eldest, and I will guard this blessing from the King till my last breath."   Kalina went on to tell the rest of the dream with her parents.   Afterward, Katriel asked Kalina if she knew when the sorcerer prince would arrive?    Kalina told her she did not know, but felt it would be very soon!




Make A Wish   


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